Quinn Round Top Radiator Double Convector


As our signature product, the Round Top is engineered with superior quality and performance in mind. Featuring unique third-generation technology (developed by our very own QRL experts), it is the most efficient panel radiator on the market – offering high heat outputs at low costs.



The Quinn Round Top Radiator Double Convector is our signature product. It has been engineered by QRL experts and features unique third-generation technology.

The Round Top is also the most efficient panel radiator on the market.

Put basically, the Round Top is the best choice for quality, performance and durability. When compared to competitors radiators, the Round Top has an 8-20% higher heat output.

As well as this you can choose a smaller radiator and get the same outcome meaning you money goes that bit further.

The efficient design of the Round Top means that less water is used, which in turn takes much less time to heat, this way you can turn your boiler off that bit sooner.

Your rooms will heat that much faster and you bills stay lower. An even more efficient way to heat up your home using the Round Top is that they are fully compatible with low –

temperature heat sources, including renewable sources.

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Weight 16.92 kg