Mira Sport 9.8kW Shower


User Features:
Separate power and temperature flow controls to fine tune your perfect shower.
Select and forget control for your ideal shower at the touch of a button.
Clearscale™ technology cuts limescale by half for a better performing, longer lasting shower.
Opti-Flo™  optimizes the flow throughout the year.
Sensi-flo™  prevents scalding in the event of a loss of water pressure or if the shower head or hose became blocked.
Phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank to make it safe for the next user.
Adjustable slide bar fits over holes left by a previous shower kit.
4 spray shower head with rub-clean rubber nozzles for easy cleaning.

Minimum Maintained Pressure: 0.7 bar (7 metre head)
Maximum Maintained Pressure: 5.0 bar (50 metre head)
Maximum Static Pressure: 10.0 bar (100 metre head)



Installation Information:
Supply Voltage: 230V + 10%
Supply Rating 45 amp
Terminal Block Connections: maximum 16mm²
Water Entry Points: Left or Right (Rising, falling or rear with elbow)
Cable Entry Point: Left
Inlet Connections: 15mm plastic stub, compression or push-fit settings
Outlet Connections: 1/2″ BSP Male


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